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Why Video Content Is Becoming Even More Crucial for Businesses

Videos have become one of the paramount forms of content. Since 2019, we’ve witnessed an outright surge in video content production, propelled by the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, merely switching on the camera and starting filming isn’t sufficient to create effective video content for businesses. It demands strategic thinking, creative brilliance, and, above all, time to produce an unforgettable video.

In 2023, video becomes the pinnacle when it comes to high-quality, interactive, and informative content. Recent video marketing statistics affirm that customers prefer videos. Therefore, companies should adapt their content strategies accordingly to meet the demands of their target audience. Harness the power of video marketing to capture attention and enthuse customers!

The Rise of video content

Video content instills a sense of trust. Videos evoke emotions and forge a lasting connection with your company. A video conveys more than just information—it provides your audience with reassurance by showcasing the people behind the company. While a mere presentation of products and services holds significance, customers seek more. Grant your customers the opportunity to get to know you and build trust by offering insights into your company and its employees. Integrating a video into follow-up emails makes your email content more personal and leaves a lasting impression. To capture attention, you need to stand out from standard follow-up messages. Professional product videos increase the chance to establish a personal touch without coming off as superficial or intrusive.

Why Invest in video content?

If you wish to establish a connection between potential customers and your company, take the time to create a short video. Text alone often fails to convey the same personal expression as a video. With a video, you can communicate more and establish a direct connection. Therefore, take the leap into video content and experience a stronger resonance with your customers!

Building Trust through video content

Moreover, videos yield a positive Return on Investment (ROI). Customers extensively research before choosing a company. Hence, high-quality content is imperative. Investments in top-notch content are becoming increasingly crucial. Videos are creative and visual content that naturally captivate customers’ attention. Our visual senses absorb up to 70% of all stimuli, making images, videos, and visual elements particularly memorable.

The Ericsson Mobility Report illustrates the growing importance of video content in mobile data traffic. Currently, video services account for 69% of data volume, and experts anticipate this share to rise to 79% by 2027. The use of internet services via smartphones surpasses all expectations. Statistics reveal that in 2022, on average, we watched more than twice the number of online videos as in 2018. Mobile-first videos are the right path to reach your audience and capitalize on escalating access numbers.

And let’s not forget: Google adores video content. Search engines like Google aim to offer diverse content to their users. By presenting a wide array of formats—such as text, bullet points, infographics, and videos—you provide valuable information to your viewers. By offering relevant content and features on your website, you enhance your search engine ranking. Google even provides a dedicated tab for video results, offering you excellent opportunities to gain more traffic and better visibility.

The Advantages of video content SEO

Video-Content-SEO offers numerous benefits to strengthen your online presence and expand your reach. These include longer page dwell times, enhanced organic click-through rates (CTR), and high-quality backlinks. Utilize this remarkable opportunity to make your website more visible.

Today, videos are the key to generating traffic, building trust, increasing conversions, and maximizing revenue. They are immensely valuable not only for consumer goods companies but also for B2B enterprises. With the right strategy, you’re well-equipped to achieve your goals.