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Outsourcing Kosovo

Outsourcing Kosovo

If you want to expand your team in the areas of IT, Programming, Telephone Support, Webshop Management, Social Media Management, or Advertising Management, deepen the collective knowledge of your team or add experience in certain presence areas or technologies, and do this without hiring full-time employees on site – we gladly support you from Kosovo, Croatia, Montenegro, and Macedonia.


Team Outsourcing

“Outsourcing Kosovo through extensive analysis and a creative guiding principle, we create a unique brand or communication strategy for you that sets you apart from the competition and optimally addresses your customers.”

Web Developer

In front-end and back-end

Back office

In different areas


Support in digital business

APP Developer

Native or hybrid for iOS & Android

UI&UX Design

Support in digital business


Online shop solutions worldwide


We'll get you on the team

As an outsourcing agency in Kosovo, we develop a coherent brand strategy in close cooperation with you. Through a prior, in-depth analysis at the macro and micro level, our strategy is not based on assumptions but on facts and trends and sets you apart from the competition.

We prefer to conduct a workshop with you in which we define the core of the brand together and derive values and visions from it. Based on these results and the previous research, we develop the strategy, the central idea, and the further concept for your brand.


Before starting to develop a new brand, it is important to take a look to the left and to the right, to the front and to the back, and to the Internet. This is how we find out how your brand is currently performing, what the competition is doing, which topics the target group is dealing with, and what the upcoming trends are.

Our team is our strength.

Our claim?

The perfect combination of marketing strategy, design and function. We let ourselves be guided by our curiosity, creativity and passion in order to design a unique brand image together with you.

Nevertheless, we never lose sight of the long-term goal.

Take advantage of our offer now!

Projects that last longer than 12 months can be realized with a saving of about 75%. You choose yourself, a team or several teams that will reach the goal hand in hand. You are always in control of all progress. We make sure that our people fit you so that the project can be completed successfully and within budget and time.

And not only that. Thanks to our expertise and due to the expansion of the team, you will almost automatically generate new customers.

We only use creativity as an advertising medium. Because our creativity is always about layout and content.

Why outsourcing with Outwork

  • The costs can be reduced up to 70%
  • You retain full control
  • The team can be added or changed at any time

Your benefits

  • Cost reduction and reduced risks
  • Rapid team expansion
  • Short notice periods