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APP development

Outwork APP development

iOS, Android and API interfaces development

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The app is written for the respective operating system. Web technologies are used to deliver a website in the browser in the form of an app.

We have been developing tailor-made mobile applications with lasting benefits for over 7 years. A native app is programmed specifically for an operating system (iOS or Android). On the other hand, in the cross-platform apps, the same code is used for both platforms.

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We are passionate software developers for mobile devices and for modern application software.

We are not made up exclusively of software developers, but of specialists from a wide variety of industries and fields of study such as computer science, marketing, graphic design, sociology, and international management. This combination represents, among other things, one of the most important pillars of the Outwork concept for success.

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Native Apps
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Web Apps

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App development, custom software development and web development

Native, hybrid or mobile app development

Mobile applications offer a wide range of possibilities – both to offer your customers high-quality services and to make your internal business processes efficient.

In addition to native apps and web apps, there are also hybrid apps. These represent an intermediate stage between these two techniques. Like web apps, they use the browser for execution.

Web apps only use web technologies. Strictly speaking, this is a website that is expanded to include app functions using a programming language such as JavaScript.